SURJ Greater Lafayette has established 3 working groups:


The Basebuilding Working Group seeks to identify white people interested in racial justice, understand their motivation for engaging in the work, and use this to find the best channels through which they can deepen their engagement and commitment to the work. Other activities include connecting with folks new to SURJ, running monthly Intro to SURJ meetings, building partnerships with POC-led organizations, developing training and educational opportunities, and developing messages and strategies for reaching white folks who are not yet interested in challenging white supremacy/working for racial justice.


The Communications Working Group focuses on all things communication - managing the website, maintaining social media presence, producing possible publications, promoting events, developing messaging, media relations, and brainstorming new ways to raise up the work of SURJ Greater Lafayette and support our partner organizations. Members of our committee have skills and experience in graphic design, web design, social media, writing, editing, photography, event planning, marketing, promotion, videography, fundraising, etc.


The Mobilization Working Group will organize actions and campaigns for racial justice through events (rallies, marches, etc.), canvassing, forums, demonstrations and direct actions. We will continuously challenge ourselves as activists through accountability partnerships, leadership development, and ongoing education. This group encompasses the Rapid Resistance Task Team and will alert and organize them for immediate action.