SURJ Annual Dues

SURJ Greater Lafayette wants to be accessible to all members, regardless of their financial situation. There is no set amount that must be paid. The amounts below are suggestions based on self-identified class:

Poor/Welfare Class: $0

Working Class: $10

Middle Class: $20

Owning Class: $35

Any additional donations we collect will be split between SURJ Greater Lafayette and our accountability partners! Our goal is not to raise money for White People - our mission is to support organizations led by People of Color in their local activism work.

(**Online Payment Coming Soon!**)


SURJ Expenses

Below are some examples of items we purchase with membership dues.

  • Meeting space rental

  • Misc supplies (poster board, markers, etc.)

  • Childcare

  • Bus passes

  • Food/drink for meetings

  • Chapter dues

  • Travel/training

  • Banner or other signage

  • Megaphone

  • Button machine

  • Legal fees

  • Website hosting